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As part ot the free fish passage initiative, the Wild Trout Trust plan to install a fish pass at the lower boundary of our fishing at Bentley Brook.

As there isn’t any evidence of the signal Crayfish on our stretch above the sluices and before any work can be done, the WTT need to monitor the signal Crayfish population downstream and upstream of the sluices at our lower boundary.

To this end the WTT plan to intstall Crayfish traps on our fishing at the Bentley Brook, to enable them to assess whether there are or aren’t any signal Crayfish above the sluices. These traps will be monitored under licence through the Ashbourne Fly Fishers who monitor the Crayfish downstream of our fishings.

Depending on the outcome of the monitoring, decisions regarding the style of fish pass will have to be made, obviously the WTT do not wish to introduce alien populations via the fish pass.

Should members come across these traps please do not disturb them as this may affect the monitoring programme.

I’ll forward any results that are produced by the monitoring.

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