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From reading the returns and forums it seem that it has been a slow start to this season. Nit surprising really owing to some unseasonal weather, low rainfall and cool doesn’t make for good conditions. The Mayfly are at least making and appearance and the fish seem to be starting to look at them and rubbing their bellies! The next couple of weeks or so should see the fishing improve , although we still need some rain to fill the rivers. I know some area’s are desperate for the rains but knowing the UK it won’t be far away.

I have had an email from a new member who was a little confused with the Bentley Brook being called the Bradbourne Brook on Google maps. This has long been somewhat of an issue and I have now re-visited the water guide book with and updated text on the Bentley Brook. The same emailer also queried the boundaries shown on the map in the waters guide and I must hold my hands up and say that my map used certainly isn’t in the same detail as the Google maps now online. I will, all being well, update the map to bring it into line. However for the time being used in conjunction with the text members who are unfamiliar with the Bentley Brook ( Bradbourne) shouldn’t have a problem and anyone wanting a copy of the new BB text please contact me and I’ll send one out.

I trust all members are getting out and trying to catch a fish or two and if anyone wants a good Mayfly pattern Orvis (10% discount to Ladffa members) and  have some lovely patterns and if you’re really desperate give me a call and I’ll post a couple of mine out!

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