River Dane & Clough Brook

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The waters of the Clough Brook are a series of riffles with some deeper pools, on average 10-15 feet wide. The river bed is firm gritstone and can be uneven and in places difficult to wade. There are steep sided sections but in the main most of the river can be accessed easily. This section of river by its very position, high in the water course, is somewhat affected by the local rainfall and is best fished a couple of days after a decent rainfall.

The river carries a reasonable head of indigenous brown trout in the 8” range although there is often a chance of a larger specimen appearing, taking the unwary angler off guard. Fly hatches can be patchy up here in the higher Derbyshire hills with the fish being opportunistic.

The usual fly patterns work up here with nothing of significance taking precedence, so the fly of your choice will undoubtedly catch. Fish this river in the same style as our other highland streams and match the hatch if the fish seem to favour a single species. Rods no longer than 8’ and around 3 to 4 wt will suffice with points nothing more than 3lb. Again barbless hooks and a maximum of two flies per-cast and nothing larger than a size ten, albeit, I doubt that size will ever be required except perhaps during Mayfly time. Olive patterns work well with the ever popular pheasant tailed nymph catching well.

When the river is low there is a need for longer casting and perhaps finer points.

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