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Due to the recent retirement of the tenant at Eastwall Farm the National Trust, who are our landlords at this venue, are in the process of reviewing the farm and its use, which they will ultimately decide upon.

In the interim and to avoid unwanted traffic they have installed a gate at the bottom of the lane at the entrance to the farm. They will also be putting a gate across the entrance to the lane at the road junction. Both these gates will have coded padlocks and any member who wishes to fish at the farm please contact me and I will give that member the codes.

Ladffa has been expressly asked by the National Trust not to give out these codes to anyone other than Ladffa members and that members are not to pass on these codes to others.

In the interest of Ladffa’s future fishing at the farm and as a sign of good will, I would ask all members for their co-operation during this period and until we have renegotiated the terms of our lease, please adhere these requests.