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Following on from the previous news I have now had the results from the signal Crayfish monitoring and sadly, but probably inevitably, there are signal Crayfish above the sluices on our bottom boundary at the Bentley Brook.

Control the signal Crayfish once in the river is difficult but we must ensure that we do not spread the virus to our fishings elsewhere. Vigilance regarding the total drying of equipment between river visits is essential for the protection of the bio-diversity of our rivers, not just against Crayfish but all invasive species.

We will be monitoring , we must first obtain licences, the fishings on the river Dove and pass on any information to our neighbours.

I know that all Ladffa members will adhere to the advice regarding multi river visits and there is  good advice on the Stuart Croft and the Wild Trout Trust’s web sites refering to this subject.

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